Rapidex Trade doo - an enterprise with an innovative future!

The company Rapidex Trade doo exists and operates in accordance with its mission, vision and objective. Our team is driven with the spirit of our goals. All strategic operations of the company derive from the mission, taking into account the goals of the vision.
The welfare of the world depends on many factors, but the most important is the concern for the environment. Therefore, our company focuses its efforts on this aspect.

Rapidex Trade doo


“To be a modern, dynamic and flexible organization with the constant adoption of new knowledge and continually improve the quality of its services.”

Our company recognizes the importance of the welfare of human civilization. In that sense, and following the fulfillment of our mission, we are constantly introducing the latest technology and innovations. The quality of products and services is constantly increasing. We care about the satisfaction of the needs of society through the sale of quality products and services.

Rapidex Trade doo


``Being a competitive company in the company of the best.``

Humanity is an absolutely necessary condition for forming a coherent future for our planet. Ecology – the key to a happy and prosperous civilization. The working conditions in our facilities have a high level of safety and comfort.

Rapidex Trade doo


``Successful business and being the leader in the commercial vehicle parts market segment.``

Our operation

Spend less energy in the form of electricity, coal or fuel. This reduces tension in the world.

RAPIDEX TRADE creates new value by providing superior quality products and services that foster customer confidence and their satisfaction.