Our rules on social responsibility

Social responsibility of Rapidex trade is visible on the overall functioning of the company and on all relationships that are being established.
We have taken full responsibility for our activities that transcend the sphere of purely economic interests.
The essence of our social responsibility is to maintain good relationships not only with our customers, but also with employees and with everyone else who is committed to the business of Rapidex trade.
Socially responsible business is treated as an investment in the future, and not as an expense.

• Investing in education of employees
• Improving working conditions and creating good relationships and a positive working atmosphere among employees
• Investing in human potential, health and safety
• Change management
• Natural resource management
• Human Resource Management
• Employment of disabled persons
• Responsible behavior during employment
• Gaining trust by building a fair relationship, respecting the wishes and needs of partners and the quality of products
• Creating a partnership results in fair prices, delivery times and favorable payment terms with the highest quality of goods and services
• Compliance with labor standards and labor law

• Taking care the elements of environmental protection

• Codes of conduct regulating working conditions, human rights and environmental protection

By the decision of the Provincial Secretariat for Culture, the establishment and registration was made to the Register of the Foundation of the RAPIDEX Foundation, founded by Rapidex trade doo.
The objectives of the Foundation as independent, non-profit, non-governmental and political parties of an independent organization are the realization of the social common goals and interests that the Rapidex Foundation implements through the following activities:

• Humanitarian
• Improving the position of persons with disabilities
• Care for children and youth
• Help the elderly
• Promoting and improving culture, education, art and amateur sport
• Environmental Protection
• Other activities that contribute to the realization of general and humanitarian goals, in accordance with the goals of the Rapidex Foundation and the decision of its competent authority

RAPIDEX TRADE creates new value by providing superior quality products and services that foster customer confidence and their satisfaction.