ISO & Quality Policy

The management of RAPIDEX TRADE DOO has defined a quality policy that expresses its long-term commitment and orientation towards the satisfaction of its customers / users, while fulfilling the legal obligations and respecting the requirements of all relevant stakeholders. By implementing, applying, documenting and continuously improving the established quality management system according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, RAPIDEX TRADE DOO realizes this defined policy.

  • The business of RAPIDEX TRADE DOO will be implemented according to the principles of a socially responsible entity, taking into account the fulfillment of the relevant requirements of all stakeholders.
  • Permanent commitment and the key direction of all activities in RAPIDEX TRADE DOO is the satisfaction of customers / users.
  • The fulfillment of the requirements of the customers / users of RAPIDEX TRADE DOO will be implemented by applying the moral principles of business in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • The ability of RAPIDEX TRADE DOO to manage the risks, which affect the conformity of products and services, is aimed at continuously increasing the satisfaction of its customers / users.
  • Employees in RAPIDEX TRADE DOO are familiar with the quality policy, aware of the importance and obligations of its implementation.
  • The obligation of employees is to adhere to established quality principles and to improve them.
  • To achieve the quality objectives RAPIDEX TRADE DOO has provided the necessary knowledge and all the necessary technical, personnel and financial resources.
  • The quality objectives of RAPIDEX TRADE DOO are in line with the quality policy.
  • The strategy for continuous improvement is contained in all activities.
  • The management continuously maintains, reviews and improves the quality management system in accordance with the needs of customers / users and relevant stakeholders.
  • Implementation of the quality policy is a permanent obligation of the management of RAPIDEX TRADE DOO.
  • The policy is available to the public and to all interested parties.
RAPIDEX TRADE creates new value by providing superior quality products and services that foster customer confidence and their satisfaction.