Projects - Layout B

In all Rapidex stores in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovenia, you can find parking air conditioning units that are installed on the roof and “back” of the cabin. From our assortment, we highlight the roof-mounted parking air conditioning unit FRESCO 5000RT-24V-HLADJ1880 and the cabin wall-mounted parking air conditioning unit FRESCO 5000 BACK-HLADJ1881.

Refrigerator is essential for every driver on long journeys, and Rapidex recommends the 12/24V CBX45 with a capacity of 45 litters. They operate at 12V/24V, as well as 220 volts alternating current. The temperature range is from -20 to +20 degrees, meaning it can also be used as a freezer. The dimensions of the refrigerator are 690 x 345 x 452 millimetres, and its weight is 15.7 kilograms. These refrigerators are manufactured by the Spanish company SANZ CLIMA S.L.

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