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Our range of parts for vehicles with Euro 6 engine is now equal to that intended for “fives”. And they sell extremely well. This is contributed, above all, by their quality, and as always, we are competitive with prices.

We would single out the EGR coolers. These are systems related to exhaust gases, their acceleration, ie reduction of harmfulness and meeting environmental standards, recirculation and the like. The needs for these parts are growing, both on the Serbian market and in the region. Their sales are excellent in all three countries where we have branches.

-These systems are being used more and more. They were also used in Euro 5 vehicles, but they are much more advanced in the “six”. We started the offer of EGR parts, which are extremely sought after, with MAN TGX & TGS trucks. Unlike other sellers, we have a complete reparator set unit, which has enabled us to form very favorable prices. We offer the same for the Mercedes Actros Euro 6, which has its own specifics, depending on the specification of the vehicle, that is, whether the vehicle is with a retarder or without it, explains our salesman Ratko Kostadinovic.

In addition to the above, we should also mention the engine coolers for the MAN TGX / TGS E6, where we have two engine coolers. In our offer they are from the manufacturer BEHR-MAHLE. It is a premium brand, intended for the first installation, which can only be found in Rapidex. In addition, parts of the AdBlue system, which is legally an integral part of the vehicle’s exhaust system, are especially relevant.

-One of the parts that changes the most is the AdBlue module, which we can say is the “brain” of the AdBlue system. Then, dispensers on the exhaust branch were also sought, which also reduces the harmfulness of exhaust gases. We have all the components, including the module, dispenser and nozzles of the AdBlue system, as well as all repair kits (sensors, filters …). In this way, we entered the very core of the mentioned parts, which makes shopping much easier and cheaper for our customers. These are original parts from the renowned manufacturer Robert Bosch, Kostadinovic points out.

We also offer DPF filters for Mercedes, which we sell in the so-called taush or replacement variant. They are factory repaired, but of high quality, checked, cleaned, with a guarantee. The buyer is obliged to bring an old filter during the purchase, which entitles him to a lower price.

Also, we can find complete sets and individual clutch components for Volvo, Mercedes MAN Euro 6, renowned manufacturers Sachs, Luk and Valeo. We are the only ones on the market that keep up with the offer of the latest items on the aftermarket market.

RAPIDEX TRADE creates new value by providing superior quality products and services that foster customer confidence and their satisfaction.