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Seasonal vehicle preparation is an inevitable thing for all serious transportation professionals and commercial vehicle owners. The summer season is upon us, and at Rapidex, as every year, we have been preparing for months to make it easier for all our customers and friends to do this job and help with regular maintenance and service.
The best things any commercial vehicle owner can do is to have their vehicles serviced and regularly prepared for the weather that changes throughout the year. Everyone with experience experiences opt for genuine and high quality spare parts, and the best prices and highest quality are proverbially obtained at Rapidex trade.

Summer is at our doorstep – everything for your vehicles is in Rapidex

We offer refrigerators, intercoolers and high-end fans from renowned manufacturers. Water pumps are from the sales game company “Frimatec” and “Pobjeda” Tešanj, while the Tešanj factory also supplies reliable high quality oil pump pumps.
With warm days comes a time of heightened dust concentration and inevitable allergies. In this area, the solution is quality cabin filters, and Rapidex cooperates with the hbest on the market – Hengst.
When it comes to bus cooling systems, we highlight Hella, Hispacold, Danfoss, Aurora, Convekta, Denso, Spal, Twilight and Webasto, and in Rapidex you can find stationary truck cabs, which are used when drivers are on the bus breaks even when the vehicle engine is not running.
Specialists always pay special attention to battery reliability. At extreme temperatures, the battery capacity can be significantly reduced. Therefore, it is important that the batteries are always full, and after the winter season, checking them is important. In the summer, due to cooling, a large consumption of electricity is advised, so truck and bus owners are advised to regularly replace used batteries, and our brands include Moll and Exide.
In the summer months, special attention should be paid to vehicle air conditioning, and in the complete Rapidex range you can find compressors, refrigerators, air dryers, as well as other parts of the cabin cooling system.

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