Every year in June, the strongest and fastest trucks from all over Europe gather in Slovakia. This exciting event is always a great reason for us and our partner service providers to visit the country and witness an authentic spectacle.

This year, representatives from Rapidex, along with our service partners from all over Serbia, joined us at the Slovakia Ring in Dunajska Streda. The attendees were thrilled by the truck races and enjoyed the well-organized program and pleasant company. It was an excellent opportunity to strengthen our successful long-term partnerships and share memorable experiences.

Our journey didn’t end in Slovakia; we also travelled to Hungary. During this leg of the trip, we visited the Knorr-Bremse factory in Kecskemét. Here, our service partners had the chance to see first-hand what this renowned manufacturer and one of our company’s most important suppliers has to offer. The trip was a resounding success, combining thrilling races with valuable industry insights and camaraderie among partners.

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