In collaboration with the Association of Transporters and Logisticians, Rapidex sponsored and participated in organizing Carrier Day, held for the first time in Niš, in the southeastern region of Serbia. This event was organized in response to numerous demands and the real needs of the transport industry.

The primary idea was to bring together representatives from the transport industry, scientific institutions, government bodies, commercial partners, and the Association of Transporters and Logisticians in one place, to exchange experiences and information and thereby contribute to the improvement and further development of road transport in Serbia and the surrounding region. The meeting was held on Friday, May 31st, at the “Nais” Hotel, in the prestigious “Constantine” Hall. The significance of this gathering was recognized by numerous media representatives. We can rightfully say that Carrier Day exceeded all expectations, and the positive results will be evident in the future work of all participants.

The event gathered 120 carriers from all over Serbia, including company owners, top managers, and top logisticians. Representatives from scientific institutions, traffic faculties in Niš, Belgrade, and Novi Sad, as well as the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade, also attended. The meeting was also attended by representatives of government bodies, several ministries, administrative districts, “Roads of Serbia,” the Chamber of Commerce, various associations, traffic inspectors, and others.

Representatives from STIL’s commercial partners, including the Oil Industry of Serbia, Lukoil, Eurowag, Iveco, AMSS CMV, Sava Insurance, Dunav Insurance, Tire Center, CVS System, Divinol, Digital Factoring, TLT Partners, All Yes, Almond, the Somer Law Office, and Devellop, also participated.

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