During our recent team-building weekend in Zlatibor, we hosted an inspiring TECH-DAY featuring dynamic technical presentations from our longstanding partners, Hengst and Valeo.

Hengst kicked off with a brief overview of their company’s rich history, followed by their technical trainer, Bartek, highlighting existing and potential OE (original equipment) partners and showcasing what sets Hengst filters apart from the competition. Attendees also learned about the latest products in their lineup and explored the Hengst YouTube channel for further insights into their commercial, passenger, and industrial programs.

Valeo enhanced their presentation with interactive elements, delving into their extensive history and diverse product range. Through an engaging quiz via a special application, participants discovered fascinating facts such as every other clutch in the new Mercedes truck being produced by Valeo, and Valeo’s status as the world’s leading wiper blade manufacturer. Our colleagues excelled in the quiz, securing the top four spots and earning valuable prizes for their knowledge and quick thinking.

This day of education and interaction truly enriched our team-building weekend in Zlatibor, offering valuable insights and experiences courtesy of our esteemed industry partners.

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