Combining beauty, usefulness, and fun is what we’ve always known how to do. Summer is the time when we blend business with pleasure together with our customers.

That’s why we enjoy our work with them. Rapidex Trade d.o.o. and Federal-Mogul organized a presentation of Jurid brake pads and Monroe shock absorbers in Grza. Our sales representatives and customers from Niš, Vranje, Paraćin, Kragujevac, Čačak, and others were present. Thanks to their quality, Monroe shock absorbers have become the first choice for major automotive giants, and Jurid is widely recognized in the automotive industry as well. The technical seminar was highly successful, satisfying both the organizers and the participants.

For the presentation, we chose one of the most beautiful and popular excursion spots in Serbia, Vrelo Grza, located about twenty kilometers from Paraćin. It is an unmissable location for an exceptional weekend in nature. We also found time to compete in sports disciplines, besides exchanging information and experiences. And in the end, we spiced it all up with a wonderful celebration.

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