A self-propelled electric truck called “Vera” began to be used to transport cargo in a port in Gothenburg, Sweden.

“Vera” shares the powertrain system with electric Volvo trucks FL Electric and FE Electric, but unlike them, there is no driver’s cab because this truck-tank is equipped with an autonomous drive system.

The latest project, which was adjourned to work in the Port of Göteborg, is a result of the collaboration between Volvo Trucks and the logistics company DFDS, with the aim to show that “Vera” is able to serve as a transport autonomous vehicle with zero emission to similar locations around the world and is very precise on shorter routes.

In Gothenburg, these self-propelled electric trucks already travel from the logistic center to the port terminal, transporting shipping containers. Trucks run at speeds of up to 40 km / h, and their driving is monitored from the control tower.

This project is the first step towards the use of self-propelled trucks on public roads within large industrial zones, say Volvo Trucks.

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