The Rapidex office in Vrbas has recently been located at the new address. After a short period of three years, the old branch office has become too small for us. That is why we opened a new facility in Sava Kovacevic Street No. 40.

With 120 square meters space we meet all current and future business needs. Due to the large quantity of goods we offer, the old building was no longer large enough. Now that’s a lot different. First of all, we inserted parts and equipment for which there was no place previously. In fact, the lager is remarkably improved, says Nikola Vukobratović from Rapidex, who is well acquainted with the work of the office in Vrbas, which he says is getting better year after year.

And the customers are satisfied with the new address. This is the place where more trucks pass through, and this branch office is intended primarily for clients from Srbobran, Vrbas, Kula, Crvenka and surrounding smaller towns.
The new branch offices are 021 / 382-9670 and 060 / 824-88-87, and working hours are 8-16 and Saturdays 8-14.

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