Rapidex trade began cooperation with a new partner. It is a reputable German company “Motorservice”, which includes the brands “Kolbenschmidt, BF and Pierburg”.

MS Motorservice international GmbH is full name of this distribution company, which deals with the international sales of spare parts from KolbenschmidtPierburg, a reputable subcontractor for the international automotive industry. “Kolbenschmidt” is a brand of German company “MSI” under which the company produces and sells pistons for diesel and gasoline engines of passenger and commercial vehicles. Other products include valves, valve guides, links, bearings, camshafts, engine heads … Reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are the main driving force behind the development and emergence of new types of pistons in this corporation.

KolbenschmidtPierburg AG Group is one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycle parts and components. It was founded in 1998 by merging two well-known and well-known manufacturers with a long tradition, Kolbenschmidt (founded in 1910, produced the first aluminum piston in 1920) and Pierburg (founded in 1909, began production of carburetors in 1928). The group employs 12,000 workers at more than 30 locations across the planet. The average annual sales of this group, according to official data, exceeds hundreds of millions of euros.

In the sale range of Rapidex, it will include, among other things, pistons, piston rings, cylinder liners, crankshaft bearings, pistons and camshafts. We also offer engine blocks, crankshafts, camshafts, pistons, engine heads, oil pumps, flywheels, piston rods, engine heads and flywheels.

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