Many car and commercial car manufacturers around the world agree on one thing: If they want their engines to meet the most serious emissions standards and to be competitive on the market in terms of fuel economy, if they want to combine excellent performance and a high level of reliability – they choose Borgwarner.

Once a separate company, 3K and Schwitzer, today operate under the common brand – “Borgwarner Turbo Systems” and are one of the largest suppliers of turbochargers and turbochargers for the first installation in the automobile and freight program, as well as in agricultural and work machines. In order to improve our business in the field of turbochargers, Rapidex Trade has begun a partnership with Borgwarner and became a representative of this American company in the local market. In our industry, technology is progressing very fast, and Rapidex Trade keeps up with modern trends in every respect.
Borgwarner’s offer in Rapidex’s sales range is precisely their turbochargers, or turbines for commercial vehicles.

The Borgwarner Moto is “My Choice? Original!”. It is, at the same time, a foreign company in our company – original parts of reliable manufacturers, for top quality and customer satisfaction.

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